Lofi Beat Using Fl Studio Free Tirial


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Start with some retro keys

Fl Studio

It’s all about nostalgia - start with some chilled out sounds to create your main loop. You can select a sample you like, or create chords using a virtual instrument. Vintage keyboards are the best to use, so searching “vintage” in Serato Studio will turn out some great options - remember, old school is the best school.


Add a dusty drum beat

Lofi Beat Using Fl Studio Free Tirial

Add some drums in, keep the tempo slow and relaxed (70BPM - 90BPM). Allow the drums to sound imperfect, experiment with some old school sounds you like. Serato Studio’s Core Pack has the perfect drum kits for lo-fi.


Throw down a bass line

Keep it mellow, keep it rhythmic. Add some bass in to compliment your drum beat. Make sure you’re creating a bassline that’s conscious of your drum beat, and using the right sounds. The “Sat Bass” in Serato Studio is a great option if you’re stuck.


Add FX and Samples

This is the fun part. Play around with any cool FX you have and slot them in where you think they best fit. If you’re stuck, try the “Lo-fi Crush” or “Light Sizzle Crusher” FX in Serato Studio. For samples, crackling fire or vinyl scratching are the vibe you want to go for.


Mix it

Free Lofi Plugins Fl Studio

A good mix is all about how it sounds to you - you are the judge. Make sure all your channels are sitting at a similar level and no one element is too overpowering. If one channel is too intense, you can use a limiter to restrict it being too loud. Similarly, using EQ and FX can take out the sharpness to some of your sounds. You want the track to come across as one package, not multiple layers competing for attention.

Every producer knows that creating memorable melody loops can be difficult. Especially creating trap melody loops where the melody can set the stage for the entire song.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a new producer who needs help creating a starting point to launch your creative process or an experienced producer who wants to chop up some quality melody loops without worrying about the copyright issues that can come with sampling music.
All producers could use a stockpile of melody loops to pick from for a wide variety of uses.
So we’ve put together a list of 5 of our favorite collections of free trap melody loops that every producer should have on their hard drive.


Put short, this is the pack to have if you’re looking for free trap melody loops. Over 100 melody loops to fit any mood from dark to bouncy to nostalgic.

100+ free trap melody loops

Stem tracks for melody loops so you can solo or remove parts to add variation to your beats.

34 high quality trap 808s

100 MIDI melody loops to use with any vst


Another 10/10 collection of trap melody loops that can easily fit into any style of hip hop. Like Oracle this collection includes stems for the melody loops so you can customize the way they play.
There isn’t a single melody loop in this pack that misses the qualities for a placement ready beat.

40 free trap melody loops

68 melody loop stem files

Wide variety of BPMs and all labeled by key


This beast of a pack is an all around hip hop powerhouse. What makes this pack special is that in addition to the trap melody loops there are melody loops from session recordings we did with professional guitar and flute studio artists. Oh and don’t forget all of the free trap drum samples and loops that come along with it!

Copyright Free Lofi Beats

29 free trap melody loops

24 studio quality guitar and flute melodic loops

14 trap hi hat midi patterns

24 Midi melodies

5 Midi chord progressions

100+ trap drum one shots

50+ trap drum loops

19 trap 808s


If you’re asking why a lofi sample pack is in a list for free trap melody loops I’ll give you the answer. The biggest thing trap beats and lofi beats have in common is they both rely heavily on a strong melody loops that are memorable. And trap beats are evolving to more experimental styles using filtered sounds similar to the way melodies in lofi songs do. This makes eternity the perfect crossover kit to make hip hop beats in any style.

100+ free melody loops

50+ free drum loops

17 basses and 808s

20+ midi melody loops

9 hi hat midi patterns

20+ unique tape melody loops recoroded on a tascam 4 track recorder

40+ vocal ad libs and phrases


Like Eternity, this pack is here because the free melody loops inside are all flexible enough to fit into pretty much any style of beat you can imagine if used correctly. Paired with a variety of midi chord progressions you can pair with your favorite synth sounds, this collection has plenty of materials for someone looking for free trap melody loops.

26 free melody loops

22 free midi chord progressions

70+ free drum loops and hi hat loops

60+ free drum one shot samples

Honorable Mentions

Lofi Free Beats

Here are a few other melody loop packs for you use when making beats in any genre:
Cymatics Free Rhodes Pack: We recorded these rhodes samples from a vintage 73’ Rhodes Stage Piano we found and restored. The Rhodes has a classic e piano sound that is one of the most popular sounds in music history. These samples are perfect for creating melody loops for trap, classic hip hop, r&b, etc.
Python Midi Collection: Midi melody loops and midi chord progressions make it easy to customize and create your own unique melody loops. Python contains 51 midi melodies and progressions laid down by a grammy award winning piano player at our studio.
GEMS VOL 1, 2 & 3: These packs aren’t free, but they’re so cheap and the value you get is so great it’s worth it to give them a mention. Each pack is topped with 40 placement ready melodies ready for you to help you make your next hit.